August 2022

Futurespectives: the Locarno Film Festival Podcast

        by Gabby Sanderson
        on Locarno Film Festival

Kamal Aljafari
Many Palestinian Films and Artworks are Displaced

Acclaimed Palestinian artist, film director and producer Kamal Aljafari talks about interweaving fiction, non-fiction, and contemporary art in his work. In this conversation Kamal talks about the psychological strangeness of being an immigrant in the country you were born, his research into reinventing archival images for film and why art is all about sharing what’s inside you in a way that is felt by the audience.


The Futurespectives podcast series offers a future driven retrospective of the Locarno Film Festival in its 75th anniversary year, featuring an exclusive line-up of guests: international film stars, upcoming talent and industry game-changer, who share stories about their Festival experiences, how they reflect on their life’s journey, unlocking new perspectives on the future of film, culture and society.

Presented by UBS and in collaboration with BrandAudio, Futurespectives forms part of the Locarno Film Festival’s range of pioneering initiatives, living up to its reputation as one of the world’s most respected hub for auteur cinema, and all those who love cinema in all its forms.

The first season will be recorded during Locarno75 and hosted by BrandAudio’s Gabby Sanderson whose passion for entertainment will add to the storytelling when speaking with the Festival’s line-up of prominent and innovative guests. Futurespectives opens an additional gateway for audiences to discover the wealth of stories the Locarno Film Festival has to tell.

Kamal Aljafari
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